Thee Hellbox Press

Private Press of Book Artist, Hugh Barclay

Sold Out!

Thee Hellbox Press creates and prints a limited number of projects that have become treasured collector items by book lovers for both their content and the artistry with which they were created.

Thee Hellbox Press (1981) is the private press of book artist, Hugh Walter Barclay. Books are printed letterpress, using a circa 1890, 8 x 10 Chandler/Price press. Many of the private presses publish reprints of work, and others publish poetry. Hugh prefers using original, powerful work in either poetry or prose. The press started with a hellbox of worn and broken type – and thus, the name. The press is at Hugh’s home in Kingston, Ontario.

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The following are past projects from Thee Hellbox Press collection. These works are SOLD OUT.

Piecing It Together

Tanya Neumeyer

The cover of 'Piecing It Together'

The cover of ‘Piecing It Together’

Piecing It Together by spoken word artist Tanya Neumeyer, is unique in many regards.

It has been printed in letterpress, making it one of only twenty such books printed in Canada each year. The book is designed by Hugh Walter Barclay and printed at Thee Hellbox Press, known for unique outside-the-box designs.

This book represents a new paradigm in book design, because one can purchase new poetic work by Tanya Neumeyer and simply add it to the existing cover.

While performances of these spoken word pieces are time- and place-dependent, this book gives the reader the opportunity to study and appreciate Tanya’s work; her courage and passion for ideas and the art become evident.

Only 74 copies are being offer for sale at $20.00 per copy (only twenty dollars, you say!)

We don’t expect these copies to last very long based on the low price and the number of individuals who collect Hellbox Press books.

Those wishing to reserve a copy should e-mail: Please put “Hellbox” in the subject line. Copies can be returned for full refund if desired.


Where Do I Start?

Roselyn Barclay

Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

Roselyn Barclay manages a building in the east end of Vancouver, which provides rooms for some 90 residents who are among the down and out. The text was developed verbatim from her e-mails.

The powerful poems were published in a limited edition of 75 copies. Burlap, the fabric of the poor, was used for the binding. Several reduction soft-blocks were intended to bring a sense of celebration to the poems. All copies sold within a month of the launch date. Critical Stage Theater Co. produced the book as a stage play that performed to sold-out audiences in Kingston, Ontario for six days in November 2006.

A copyleft version is available and will be e-mailed to agencies for free distribution to drug users. Contact Hugh at: to order.


Dr. Foort’s Convocation Address

Dr. Foorts Convocation Address

Dr. Foorts Convocation Address


This book contains all the remarks of the Principal and the Chancellor of Queen’s University, as well as Dr. Foort’s address. This address received a rare standing ovation.

The cover features a woven section intended to show the strength gained by combining people in a team and giving them space to expand their own minds. This is one of the things that Jim Foort does to perfection. The spine ties are in the Queen’s colours. The book is out of print.

Look inside Dr. Foort’s Convocation Address


A Letter to Teresa

A Letter to Teresa

A Letter to Teresa


Hugh Walter Barclay

This was the first book published by Thee Hellbox Press in an effort to capture the colour, dynamics, tradition, history, and sincerity of the First Nations people through their Pow Wow celebrations. In addition, Hugh developed the first soft-blocks as a print medium for this book. The book is out of print.

Teresa – Inside Title Page

Teresa – Inside Text

Teresa – End Papers

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