Thee Hellbox Press

Private Press of Book Artist, Hugh Barclay


In an effort to develop a meaningful relationship between books printed by letterpress and those printed by offset, one should consider the following numbers. There are twenty thousand titles published in Canada each year. Of this twenty thousand, only twenty are printed by letterpress. Of those twenty, perhaps five are printed on high-acid-content paper. All of the titles printed by offset are normally on high-acid-content stock and as such will self-destruct in time. About five of the twenty printed by letterpress are printed on machine-made acid-free paper, while another five are printed on mold-made paper, and the final five are printed on handmade paper. Only one book every twenty years is printed on dampened handmade paper. The choice of paper affects the price and of course the aesthetical quality. Although it might be subjective, innovation in design becomes important to many owners of these books.

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