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Hugh June 29 001

You Stand: A medium length poem by Cori MacLean Mayhew concerning young love with a Hungarian emigrant who had escaped the Communist invasion of 1958. The handmade cover paper from the Ontario College of Art and Design carries the turmoil, the love and flowers involved with this story. Printed in a numbered limited edition of 50 copies using 12 point Bembo Roman and a 8 x 12 Chandler Price Press. Price $15.00 postage paid.

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Inside You Stand

Hugh June 29 007

Streets:  This poetic monograph is a poem by Bruce Kauffman dealing with the old and the new construction of buildings seen in Kingston Ontario, Canada. The poem is supported by two soft-block prints by Hugh Walter Barclay. We printed a limited edition of 40 copies on St. Armand’s acid-free Peat Moss Canal Paper. Size 7.5” by 10.5”. Price $12.00 postage paid.

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Inside Streets

War in Our Time cover

Voices against war: by Hugh  Walter Barclay and Gordon Sisler. The authors present vastly different views but allow readers to choose their own position. Hugh presents some very radical, outside-the-box views, whereas Gord presents a more conventional approach. The text appeared in the 2009 Wayzgoose Anthology, and we printed and an additional 30 copies to offer for sale. 14cm x 22cm 12 pages set in 12pt Bembo Roman and 14pt Caslon, with a rubber cut by Rebecca Fernando. Price $10.00 postage paid.


Inside Voices against war

Piecing it Together Cover

Piecing It Together by spoken word artist Tanya Neumeyer, is unique in many regards. It has been printed in letterpress, making it one of only twenty such books printed in Canada each year. The book is designed by Hugh Walter Barclay and printed at Thee Hellbox Press, known for unique outside-the-box designs. This book represents a new paradigm in book design, because one can purchase new poetic work by Tanya Neumeyer and simply add it to the existing cover. While performances of these spoken word pieces are time- and place-dependent, this book gives the reader the opportunity to study and appreciate Tanya’s work; her courage and passion for ideas and the art become evident. Only 74 copies are being offer for sale at $20.00 per copy (only twenty dollars, you say!)

We don’t expect these copies to last very long based on the low price and the number of individuals who collect Hellbox Press books.

Those wishing to reserve a copy should e-mail: Please put “Hellbox” in the subject line.  Copies can be returned for full refund if desired.

Inside Cover of Piecing It Together

Inside Text 1

Inside Text 2

Innocent(I wasn’t there)

Innocent is essentially a war crimes poem by Bob MacKenzie with a powerful message for us all. The book is designed to have the poem read aloud to an audience, and as such it takes on some unique features not seen before. The text begins with a court document describing the charges of thirteen counts. The poem uses three voices; the major voice claims innocence from the charges, while the other two voices yell accusations. After the major voice finishes the first page of the poem, two powerful lino-block images fall from the book to be exposed and impact the audience. The poem and the blocks combine to deliver a powerful and dramatic image. The book is published in a limited edition of 240 copies on acid-free materials and is priced at $15.00 Cdn plus $2.00 postage. Books in good condition can be returned within 14 days with a full refund.

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