Thee Hellbox Press

Private Press of Book Artist, Hugh Barclay

Broadsides and Posters


Sold Out!

The following are projects that have been produced in the past by Thee Hellbox Press but are now sold out.

Poster – Words over War equal peace: Lino-block graphic shows the power of the press over the gun. Printed letterpress on St. Armand’s Canal paper. Price $10.00 postage paid. Sold out.

BroadsideLigatures: printed for letterpress-philes with wooden type to illustrate the ligatures found in letterpress that are almost forgotten with digital type. Printed on acid-free, felt-laid, machine-made paper in a limited numbered edition of 37 copies. Size 29cm. X 38cm. Price: $20.00 postage included. Sold out.

Pow Wow Prints: Three multiple lino-block prints by Hugh Walter Barclay, which originally appear in A Letter to Teresa– the first book from Thee Hellbox Press, 1983. The prints are in a limited edition of 22 copies with only one remaining copy. Size 22cm x 25cm and printed on Japanese Shinano, using a Chandler-Price press. Price $30.00 postage paid. Sold out.


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