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So, What Are You Doing to Make the World a Better Place? title page

So, What Are You Doing To Make the World a Better Place?
100 Thousand Poets for Change
2016 Kingston, ON Canada


A Copyleft Anthology.
Copyleft: Anyone can make a copy for their own use, and can give additional copies to others provided there is never a charge for it.

Poets Included in this Anthology
(Alphabetically by First Name)
Akin Jeje, Alyssa Cooper, Anne Graham, Bänoo Zan, Bethmarie Michalska, Bob MacKenzie, Boris But, Bruce Kauffman, Christine Jacobs, Cori Mayhew, Czandra, Donna Langevin, Elizabeth Greene,
Eugene Cornacchia, Florence Chikumba, Geoff Travis Canadien, Georgia Wilder, Hugh Walter Barclay, Josh Colenda, Kate Rogers, Kathy Figueroa, Kathy Keenan, Meg Freer, Michelle K. Allan, Nathalie Sorensen, Paola Caronni, Pat Connors, Robin Gillespie, Rose DeShaw, Sana Towheed, Sandra Davies, Shasheen Bagha, Susan McMaster, Tara Kainer, Tim Duncan, and Winona Linn.

The Paradise Project

The Paradise Project by Merilyn Simonds

The Paradise Project showing the endpapers, the cover and the inside.

The Paradise Project by Merilyn Simonds was launched in the summer of 2012.

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At Thee Hellbox Press, titles are printed in limited runs with careful thought given to the materials used and how they further express the written words on the paper. These works are a labour of love for book artist, Hugh Walter Barclay.

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  1. Dario catana on said:

    Hello Hugh,
    It was really great to meet you Yesterday at Villa Marconi.
    I had an Email from Lisa sending me your web site info.
    I now have your information and will be getting in touch with you in the near future.

    Dario Catana
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